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Web Host is a company that provides you with space and bandwidth for show casing your website to the world. No website can be visible online without the help of a web host and you definetly require one for this purpose. Web hosting is a multi billion dollar business so you will find a great number of web hosts on the internet. Some out of them are mere re-sellers of the hosting companies but they try to look like real web hosts.

In order to have a peace of mind regarding your website you need to search the best web host for your website otherwise you will continuously get disturbed on one pretext or the other.

What to See in a Good Web Host

There are certain qualities that are must to have in a web host in order to have smooth functioning of your website:

Excellent Customer Support

Many of you must be surprised on the priority I have given to this point. However if you think deeply then you will agree with me that customer support is one of the top most requirement of being a good web host. There can be times where your website or blog may have some problems and if there is no one to qickly provide some remedies to it then you will get frustrated. This is because your whole business is dependant on your website and if it goes down then you may lose a lot of money. If the customer support of a hosting company is good then the problem can be rectified quickly.

So when you are searching for some best web host for your website then keep this point in mind and give it the priority it deserves and soon you will realize that all other things are secondary in nature

Uptime Guarantee

You are of course hosting your website for other people to see it and if it is not avaiable for most of the time then what is the use of of it. This is the basic requirement of any hosting that your website remains active and visible to your web visitors always. For this you must check and ensure best uptime guarantees of different web hosts. normally almost everyone guarantees 99.9% uptime but to ensure the correctness of the claims you must consult other people who are using the same hosting company.

Otherwise you can read web host reviewsonline to decide about them. But here you have to be very careful while reading the becasue the reviews are written by people like us so ensure and confirm that the person whose review you are reading really knows that hosting company.

Sufficient Space

Yes this is another very essential requirement for your website that it should be given sufficient space so that you can upload all your files, images and other things easily. There are several best web hosts that offer enough space for their clients. Here you have to remember one important thing about 'unlimited space' offers by many. Never fall in to this trap of 'unlimited' because there's nothing unlimited and everything has some limits.

It is just a common sense question that why would a web host willl give you unlimited space for a shared hosting package. This is just a marketing tactics and don't get lured for it. Be realistic and confirm from the web hosting company about the actual space you are authorized for a particular hosting package.


This is required when any body visits your website and loads a page, check out your requirements and estimate clearly that how much traffic will your website receive at peak times. Then select the best web host offering sufficient bandwidth to meet your requirements and of course budget.

As in the bandwidth same is the case here also where you will see many colorful offers of 'unlimited bandwidth' by several web hosts. you have to be ware about this as described above because it happened with many persons that the moment there is some surge in the traffic either there website gone very slow or it was completely shut down by their hosting provider. They get e-mails from the hosts that they must upgrade their hosting package because the present package is not sufficient for this great usage of the bandwidth.

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