Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is used by people who want to own a web hosting company without investing in to the expensive hosting infrastructure. Reseller hosting is offered by almost all the major web hosts. This page contains comprehensive information about reseller hosting for your guidance.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting as the name implies means that you resell the hosting of an already established web hosting company. In reseller hosting you buy a package which you can further distribute to your clients. Reseller hosting can be made a lucrative business if done with some good planning and marketing.

You don’t own any of the web hosting infrastructures and are completely dependant on the web hosting company so you need to be very careful in selecting a hosting provider. Mostly reseller hosting is owned by a person who has a vast circle of friend’s family members and relatives with websites. In addition to it there are certain big hosting resellers with number of clients and are earning thousands of dollars without spending to much.

Things To Remember Before Buying Reseller Hosting?

Since a reseller host is answerable to his clients so selecting a wise reseller hosting package is must for your success in hosting business. Do your homework and then carryout thorough research before finalizing any reseller hosting package.

Your hosting provider should be the most reliable one with solid uptime guarantees. Other wise you will be bothered now and then by your clients. You may not care for this in the beginning but when your business grows, you may start facing problems.

Pay proper attention to disk space and band width in your reseller hosting package, of course you have to carryout lot of homework for it. Estimating the number of clients, developing your own hosting packages, distribution of resources etc has all to be done before hand.

Watch out for customer support of your reseller hosting provider. In addition to industry standard email support (ticket system) your hosting provides should also be available through live chat and telephone 24/7/365 to address your problems.

If your reseller hosting provider gives you additional features, it will be a great boost for your business. Most of the clients love to have website templates and website builder etc. These days blogging is at a rise so if you can provide them with free blogging platforms like WordPress etc, your clients will be satisfied.

People buying web hosting from a reseller are mostly small web masters, companies with a brochure or part time bloggers. So they need less resource like e-mail boxes, FTP accounts and my SQL databases etc. You have to check out all these things prior to launching your reseller hosting business.

Whatever the case may be always remember that it’s your business and reputation which is at stake. There are several reputed web hosting companies that offer good white label reseller hosting plans. You can also get further insight from reseller hosting reviews of some top reseller hosting providers.

Before banging into reseller hosting business, you must remember that you are going to start a full business and not a part time game. Your client’s online presence and their business all are dependent upon you. It’s a task of great responsibility so be careful about it. Good luck in your reseller hosting.